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Personal Training - made easy!


Are you looking to start a fitness plan for the first time or perhaps looking for something new to give your current training

a kick in the right direction?


Imagine personal training made easy, well now it is! At Creo our Professional Trainers will give you all the information

you need to experience a healthy transformation and see results. Just simply follow the plan, add a dose of I can attitude

and watch you body change.


Your simple plan:

1. Assess your current health & goals

2. Design your personal exercise plan

3. Give you nutrition and meal planning guidance

4. Walk you through your exercise technique session

5. Assess your improvements


It's this simple, but without completing all of the above steps it is unlikely you'll ever achieve your true training goals.

Push aside your excuses and get a body your clothes will be proud to wear.



Helping you understand success is possible.

Believing in you to help you believe in yourself.

Giving you the best of their experience, knowledge and encouragement.

Encouraging and challenging you through the natural peaks and valleys of your training journey.


At Creo Manukau, we're proud to say we have the best Personal Trainers in the industry

Check out their profiles below






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