Whether you’re looking to try boxing for the first time or wanting to become the next J Parker, Creo Manukau offers boxing training for members starting from the age of seven at any fitness level.¬†

We’re one of the few gyms in South Auckland which offers a full size boxing ring, dedicated boxing area, and our boxing classes are professionally run by Glozier Boxing and Tranzformers Boxing.


We have two types of boxing classes run professionally by Tranzformers Boxing for kids aged between seven to seventeen years old.

For kids who want to have a taste of boxing they can join our Creo Kids Boxing classes for a casual fee each class or an upfront fee for the full school term.

For the more serious boxers, they will be offered a chance to join the Tranzformers Boxing Classes, which train three times a week and compete in kids boxing competitions.

Check out our Classes page for the class timetable and enquire at reception for more info.


Our adult boxing classes are run professionally by Glozier Boxing, founded by former professional boxer Bruce Glozier.

Our Glozier Boxing classes are free for members at any fitness level. Our Tuesday class is focused on fitness and basics, and our Thursday class is focused more on skills and techniques.

Members who are interested can also sign up for corporate boxing events and personal boxing training sessions. Come to one of the classes and find out what real boxing is.


Get in touch below or just have a chat with us at the gym for more info, we’re always happy to help

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